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Grigons & Orr Corner Store | North Melbourne, Melbourne

Grigons & Orr Corner Store | North Melbourne, Melbourne

Lordy, there she goes again, your dear old aunt Bessie, banging on about the good old days. How folks back then had manners, and children were seen but not heard. A golden age when you knew the names of all your neighbours, and your corner shop sold everything you needed.

Wooly Bully | Melbourne

Wooly Bully | Melbourne

Any shop that stocks a comic book called ‘Mauled: True Stories of People Attacked at the Zoo’ has obviously got something, ahem, special going on.

Prudence | North Melbourne, Melbourne

Take pleasure in procrastination and pints? Prudence is the perfect haven to idle the hours away. Housed in a doublestorey Victorian terrace, this charming bar offers a selection of seating to cater to couples, cliques and clans. Perch at the bar with a pinot, nestle into a booth with a cocktail, lounge upstairs with a liqueur or laugh loudly in the courtyard with a jug. A thirst for something more wholesome? Spread out on a laminex table with a hot chocolate and scatter the surface with a game of Scrabble. Order a drink from the friendly bar staff, decide upon a seat to suit your mood and soak up all the quirks and charms that add to the uniqueness of this bar. Catch eyes with Tom Waits and other displays of eclectic treasures, radiate in the dim lighting and rich textured walls, and unwind to the nostalgic collection of tunes. Enjoy.

Agraba | North Melbourne, Melbourne

A vow to vinyl. North Melbourne is home to a new bar and restaurant with an attractive spin. Agraba is all about Lebanese and LPs, and invites wax worshippers to bring along their own records for a turn on the wheel. The ;if we dig it, then we’ll spin it’ spirit works well in the restaurant’s small, cosy surrounds. The enchanting lamps, treasure-like wares and richly coloured walls create the perfect ambience to share music and mezze. The menu offers a mouth-watering selection of traditional Lebanese dishes, with an emphasis on fresh and flavoursome ingredients. The one-woman wonder in the kitchen whips up an array of dishes to satisfy both animal lovers and animal eaters. Picking a favourite dish may prove difficult – is it the wholesome vine leaves filled with rice and finely chopped vegetables? Or the hearty lamb kafta burgers on Lebanese rice with tahini and pinenuts? Let one of the charming staff chat you into a cocktail or stick with the theme and sample a wine or beer all the way from Lebanon.

The Courthouse | North Melbourne, Melbourne

A pioneer of the gastropub phenomenon, the Courthouse has been serving fine food in an old-school brown brick pub setting since way back in 2002. The front bar matches the pub’s exterior – simple, utilitarian, the kind of place where blokes in Hard Yakka gear and steel-cap boots wouldn’t look out of place. But the restaurant is a completely different story. The look here is art deco classique – wood panelling, ceiling roses and angels clutching the lampshades. The food is classic to match. Simple European (mostly French) fare that makes the most of local and in-season ingredients, with just enough fuss and bother to make it pretty special.

The Courthouse does have BYO – but not the kind that means you can bring your $7 bottle of Queen Adelaide. Oh no, BYO here means the finest dusty bottle from your cellar, cracked open for a very special occasion. The kitchen announces a menu and you bring the wine to match. Oh la la!