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Rumi | Brunswick East, Melbourne

Rumi’s waitstaff hover to refold your napkin and ask about dietary requirements, an unusual sight in a restaurant with such reasonable prices

Moroccan Soup Bar

Moroccan Soup Bar is a true Fitzroy institution and both its reputation and its tiny size make it a difficult restaurant to get in to. Large groups can book; otherwise, you have to show up early or be prepared to wait. When your turn comes, you’ll be squeezed into whatever space is available. Luckily, the [...]


This is Middle Eastern dining taken to a truly luxe level. Head chef Greg Malouf has defined and redefined modern Middle Eastern cuisine for over a decade with MoMo. Its latest iteration, within the Grand Hyatt (down the decidedly more luxurious end of Collins Street) was spared no expense in creating a most elegant dining [...]

Mecca Bush

If your only experience of Middle Eastern food has been an emergency kebab at 2am, Mecca Bah is an accessible place to extend your culinary tour. With chintzy cushions and flickering lanterns, and glittering harbour views, it’s easy to imagine the yachts sailing by might contain a sheikh or two. While you may feel transported [...]


Maha is a great place to start, or end, a night out. Stools near the bar are perfect for drinks and finger food and a separate front area is a relaxed meeting place for friends. In the main restaurant, low lights and sumptuous surrounds create an impressive background for equally impressive food. Chef Shane Delia [...]