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Holy Kitsch | Sydney

Holy Kitsch | Sydney

The first thing I see when I approach Holy Kitsch’s new Newtown store is a framed print that reads ‘I Love the Shit Out of You’. Surrounding it is a melting Dali clock (that actually works), two pink flamingos, a vintage wooden Pinocchio and fairy lights galore. I say to myself: ‘I think I’m gonna like it here.’


Located at the Paris end of Collins Street, Mamasita (Spanish for ;hot mama’) has done much to elevate Mexican food – often regarded as novelty food – to the realm of haute cuisine. This goes some way to explaining the lengthy queue down the flight of stairs leading into the noisy, characterfilled dining hall. Find [...]

Maya Tequila Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for more than guacamole and burritos, Maya offers intrepid palates a taste of real Mexican food and drink, as well as some familiar Tex Mex favourites. Munch on complimentary corn chips and salsa as you inspect the compact food list and the longer drinks menu. A snack plate provides a great introduction [...]

Mexicano | Narrabeen

You remember what Mexican used to be like? All nachos with chilli beans and piles of sour cream, served in barn-like restaurants with sombreros and ponchos on the walls? Well, Mexicano is nothing like that. Rather this smokin’ little venue is a small touch of class right beside the beach, with a modern, sophisticated Mexican [...]

Beach Burrito Company | Coogee

There seems to be a Mexican wave of restaurant openings in Sydney but many of the cheap, local offerings are disappointing, adopting the idea that loading a plate with corn chips and beans makes up for lacklustre seasoning and substance. This beachside chain doesn’t go for that and its big portions are also big on [...]