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Cotton Duck

Within a stitch of Central Station, in the heart of the Sydney fashion trade, Cotton Duck sets its own trend among foodies and greenies alike as both a chic and forward-thinking, ethical restaurant. Celebrity chef and owner Jared Ingersoll of Danks Street Depot fame plates up local, seasonal and sustainable food with his own unique [...]

Vue de Monde | Melbourne

Everything about dining at Vue de Monde is fabulous: the anticipation that comes from booking weeks in advance, the personally tailored service, the finest quality ingredients, the expert wine matching, the artistic presentation of course after course of pure indulgence – even the bill, which can quite easily amount to a whole week’s wages.

The Point | Albert Park, Melbourne

It’s common knowledge that dining at the Point is a breathtaking experience.

The Carringbush Hotel | Abbotsford, Melbourne

Targeted to a mature crowd (it was voted 3AW’s pub of the year) on a quiet backstreet of Abbotsford, candlelight and soft muzak set the mood.

The Botanical | South Yarra, Melbourne

At South Yarra’s beloved Bot everything old is new again. The change has been great for the place.