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Boutique | Prahan, Melbourne

When you finally make it past the bouncers and arrive in the land of the beautiful people, you know you’ve found one of Melbourne’s hot spots, Boutique nightclub.

Tutto Bene | Southbank, Melbourne

Tutto Bene rolls out the Italian osteria theme to a tee. From the wooden tables and chairs to the crooning Italian pop playlist and nostalgic display of vintage wine bottles, this could be a Tuscan local.

Tomoshibi | Middle Park, Melbourne

This unassuming corner shop beckons, that is until you try the door, which is barricaded with furniture and a sign asking that you please use the side door.

The Point | Albert Park, Melbourne

It’s common knowledge that dining at the Point is a breathtaking experience.

The Botanical | South Yarra, Melbourne

At South Yarra’s beloved Bot everything old is new again. The change has been great for the place.