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Yong Green Food, Fitzroy, MelbourneRaw food to mock your socks off

In a modest restaurant on Brunswick Street there lives a dragon. In one hand it wields a spoon of diced vegetables. In another a fork-impaled block of tofu. In yet another (dragons have many limbs), a bowl of noodles and peas. You’ll find this healthy beast painted on the wall at Yong Green Food, sending an invitation to all vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies and mere mortals who are open to finding out just how delicious meat- and dairy-free food can be.

The attitude at Yong’s is to achieve sustainability through delicious, unprocessed, often uncooked organic food – an echo of the raw food movement’s philosophy.

Yong Green Food, Fitzroy, MelbourneYong Green Food, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Raw foodies, such as David Bowie and Woody Harrelson, believe that cooking food destroys good and living enzymes, which prevents you from achieving everlasting health. We realise at this point that we may be losing you, that you might have started dreaming about burgers, but please bear with us.

The people at Yong’s understand that many of their clientele are not vegan raw foodies but everyday hungry folks. They adapt to this challenge by offering delicious vegan/vegetarian and raw versions of meals like hamburgers, teriyaki fish, Thai green curries and chicken wraps created from ingredients such as homemade almond milk, cashew cream, soy mayo, kim chi (which is fermented in the backyard) and an array of soy meats.

Yong Green Food, Fitzroy, Melbourne

As connoisseurs of all things fried and meaty, we ordered from the far side of our culinary spectrum, including a raw nutty burger made with carrots, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, vegetables and herbs. Not only was the food delicious, it left us feeling light and healthy. Now when was the last time you could say that after wrapping your chops around a burger?

421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
(03) 9417 3338
Open Tues–Sun 12–10pm

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