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Brisbane is infamous for its hilly terrain. In fact, many of its suburbs are perched on slopes so brutally steep, a short uphill walk will build enough lactic acid in your glutes to burn right through your shorts. With a reputation like that, a lot of people stay away from biking around town, but really, there’s no reason to be afraid. As long as you stick to Brisbane’s CBD and its surrounding inner-city suburbs, you’ll find the place is remarkably bike-friendly.

Brisbane sports an insane 520 kilometres of dedicated bikeways and has routes for every type of bike enthusiast. Bridges including the Goodwill Bridge, Eleanor Schonell Bridge and the Kurilpa Bridge are exclusively reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, to encourage commuters to get out of their cars.

Bicycle Revolution, West End, Brisbane

Locals and longer-term visitors might consider investing in a bike from Bicycle Revolution, a friendly team of four mechanics who perform Lazarus-like resurrections on dead bike parts and spin out new models with fresh and colourful powder coats. Tucked out the back of West End’s coffee-soaked streets, their bikes range from old-yet-sturdy beasts (starting at $150), to slick-as-oil gliders with the lot.

Bicycle Revolution, West End, Brisbane

If you don’t want to buy a bike, you can also hire one at daily ($35), weekly ($150), fortnightly ($200) and monthly ($300) rates, which include a lock and helmet. Best of all, it’s a non-profit, worker-owned organisation, and the affable staff are always happy to give you bike maintenance advice for free.

294 Montague Rd, West End 
(07) 3342 7829
Open Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat 8am–2pm

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