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Knit one, purl one, cast off. If you have even the faintest idea what those words mean, then you already possess the passport to a veritable Valhalla of creativity that’s known as Threads & More. Haberdashery (such a musical word) has never been so dashing or as visually artistic as it is at this suburban Sherwood store, where everything required for knitting, crocheting and felting is ready for the plucking.

The store stocks around 200,000 individual balls of spun wool, silk and natural-blend fibres in a rainbow array of hues from mossy greens to candy pinks and dramatic greys. Fair warning: it’s hard to keep your hands to yourself. I found myself fingering the sumptuously plump pretzel knots of pure New Zealand merino wool and sighing over silky cashmere yarns that felt like a dove’s wing against my cheek.

Threads & More, Sherwood, Brisbane

Luckily, all this tactile interaction is sanctioned by store owner Lynda Kennedy, who believes the touchy-feely approach kick-starts creativity in her customers. And if that doesn’t work, the displays of felted handbags, soft hand-knitted toys and snuggly patchwork blankets are sure to inspire.

Should the knitting bug sink its fangs, don’t think you’re confined to granny doilies or the inevitable bed socks. Threads & More stocks pattern books that’ll have you stitching up everything from a simple jumper to crazy tea cosies.

Threads & More, Sherwood, Brisbane

Though I don’t think my skills are quite up to the task of recreating the crystal-encrusted knitted chandelier cover that takes pride of place in the store, I do believe I could manage a humble winter scarf. And if not, Threads & More holds workshops for anyone who aspires to be a little more nimble with their needles.

Carole Horne

Shop 7, 637 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood
(07) 3379 6699
Open Sun–Mon 9am–2pm, Tues 9am–8pm, Wed–Sat 9am–4pm

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