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Grub Food Van and Grub Hole, Fitzroy, MelbourneA new take on trailer trash

Like a serve of junkyard kitsch with your latte? There’s an Airstream caravan parked on an old lot a short walk off Brunswick Street that aims to give you just that. It’s the Grub Food Van, and if the trailer is rockin’ then please do come knockin’ – this shiny silver babe, shipped in all the way from Iowa in the States, serves a mean coffee, a cold beer and a range of snacks.

Grub Food Van and Grub Hole, Fitzroy, MelbourneGrub Food Van and Grub Hole, Fitzroy, Melbourne

The trailer is in residence all year round, but it only operates during summer. In colder months you can head out back to the Grub Hole, a cosy mess hall filled with a hodgepodge of tables and chairs and artfully arranged, eye-pleasing things (I don’t want to give it all away, but the tablecloths alone are worth a visit). In between the two is the Grub Greenhouse, which is open all year round. There, outdoor furniture, a kitchen garden and a ping-pong table beg to be the centre of your attentions.

Grub Food Van and Grub Hole, Fitzroy, MelbourneGrub Food Van and Grub Hole, Fitzroy, Melbourne

The Grub Hole’s home-style kitchen serves wintery breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes like smashed eggs, saffron poached pears, sardines on toast and macaroni with double-smoked bacon. Its menu changes frequently, so don’t be mad at us if those things aren’t on offer when you visit, m’kay?

Some nights (Thursday through Saturday at the time of writing), the Grub Hole becomes a bar where you can wet your whistle until 11pm or so. Again, please don’t get upset if you swing by during Grub’s official opening hours and it’s closed; owners Tim Mann and Mark Murphy reserve the right to take a day off. Whenever they feel like it. Why? Because, well, that’s how they roll. But take your chances: most likely they’ll be around, and you’ll be in for a rockin’ and rollin’ good time.

Vanessa Murray

87–89 Moor St, Fitzroy
(03) 9419 8991
Grub Hole open Tues–Wed 8am–4pm, Thurs–Sat 8am–11pm(ish), Sun 8am–5pm (June–Aug)

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