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Radio Cairo, Mosman, SydneyNorth Shore globetrotters

It isn’t often you get pappadums served with an African spiced dip with pomegranate seeds, but that’s Radio Cairo for you. Just like a Contiki tour, you are never quite sure which country you are in, but you have fun anyway.

When the Afro fries hit the table it’s hard to keep your hands to yourself. These fried potato pieces are dusted with African spice and served with a tangy aioli. Despite the road-kill visual conjured up by its name, the buzzard and sweet potato curry (actually tender chicken owing to a severe buzzard shortage in Australia) is very tasty indeed. Team this with the Nile perch and prawn molee and your tastebuds will be jumping.

Radio Cairo, Mosman, SydneyRadio Cairo, Mosman, Sydney

The menu includes African, Caribbean, Indian and Sri Lankan food, with occasional visits elsewhere … which can make it a mind-boggling six countries in a three-course affair.

Like the menu, the decor is a cultural smorgasbord, with Moroccan lamps, African masks and bizarrely placed televisions, but it works anyway. The prices can seem a little expensive for the serving sizes, but it isn’t bad for Sydney’s North Shore.

Radio Cairo, Mosman, Sydney

The wine list is good and the service is generally quick enough so you can drop in here for a pre-movie meal with the Hayden Orpheum art house cinema just across the road.

83 Spofforth St, Mosman
(02) 9908 2649 (bookings recommended)
Open Mon–Sun 6–10pm

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