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Rock Aerobics, MelbournePutting the motor in Jane Fonda’s Honda

Hands up who associates aerobics with day-glo lycra, leotards, legwarmers and tragic music? Jane Fonda has a lot to answer for! Luckily, the gang at Rock Aerobics are here to redress the balance, gleefully subverting those stale old clichés with a healthy dose of attitude and air guitar.

If Joan Jett or Suzi Quatro ever decided to hit the fitness circuit, this is where they’d rock out.

The inspiration for Rock Aerobics came to instructor Ambika in 2008 after she and some friends were bemoaning the dreadful soundtracks common to most aerobics classes. Hyper-produced dance pop may get the pulse racing, but Ambika reckons rock’n’roll is tailor-made for heartthumping, fist-pumping aerobic action!

Rock Aerobics, Melbourne

Whether you’re pogo-ing to The Clash or punching the air to AC/DC, Rock Aerobics gives you the buzz of the mosh pit with the benefits of the gym. Sure, there’s the traditional step-touches, knee-lifts and situps thrown in, but it’s the less conventional moves that make these classes so much fun. A bit of windmill guitar here, some high-energy skanking there and before you know it your muscle tone will be the envy of Iggy Pop.

Not surprisingly, the classes are much loved by the local rock-chick set. They also attract students, office workers and even mature folk, but as long as you bring a sense of humour and your best rock face you’ll fit right in. But be prepared to work at it – just because these classes are held in a licensed venue doesn’t mean you don’t have to earn that beer first!

The Prague, 911 High St, Northcote
0405 576 310
Open Tues 6.45pm–7.45pm

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