Pub Cha at the Annandale Hotel | Annandale, Sydney

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Pub Cha at the Annandale Hotel, Annandale, SydneyCheck one, two?

There’s something very special about being served Chinese tea by a muscled bloke in skinny jeans and black T-shirt who looks like a roadie. Unlike normal yum cha, there’s no room for trolleys, and there’s no polite yet incomprehensible waitress trying to foist a random congee onto you, which some people may find a little disappointing. Me? I find it relaxing. I like roadies.

The night before, I may have been jumping up and down in the very same spot with a schooner in one hand shouting out song lyrics … it always seems like such a good idea at the time … and after all, the Annandale Hotel is a landmark of Sydney’s music scene.

Pub Cha at the Annandale Hotel, Annandale, Sydney

But when the last roadie has long since packed up and gone home, and God’s great spotlight is burning through your eyelids the next morning, Pub Cha may well be the only answer.

This is everything I love about yum cha without the hassle.

And being like KENO card yum cha, it’s fun too. Get a list, tick a few boxes, hand it in at the bar then sit back and wait for those special little deliveries to arrive – and after eating your fill from a stack of bamboo steamer baskets you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something other than a hangover for your weekend.

There are beers on tap and by the jug, but the Chinese tea alone can work wonders. And the dumplings are very good quality, of mixed Asian rather than solely Chinese origin.

Pub Cha at the Annandale Hotel, Annandale, Sydney

Pub Cha is situated in a pretty courtyard out the back of the pub, with some indoor seating under a retractable roof – damn fine on a Sunday afternoon. It’s fun with a group. You can order your dumpling fix in multiple rounds, and then finish up with a Paddle Pop and discuss next week’s line up.

17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale (virtually opposite Stanmore McDonalds)
(02) 9565 2334
Open Sat–Sun from 11am

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