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Pintxo Spanish Taperia, New Farm, BrisbaneAll aboard the tapas train

The sushi train is the ideal way to sample an array of food at one’s leisure. Small portion sizes, lots of choice and the food continues to appear on the never-ending conveyor belt before your eyes. But sushi can no longer lay claim to being the sole food group that travels around the table. What if the sushi train concept was applied to Spain’s dazzling finger food?

The result is Pintxo Spanish Taperia. Named after the Basque word for tapas, Pintxo (pronounced pin-cho) came about after health authorities refused to let the owners serve their tasty morsels in the traditional Spanish way (sitting on the counter all night). Their genius solution is not only more entertaining, but means your meal is guaranteed to be salmonella-free.

As the dishes travel along the conveyor belt around a massive communal table, you might opt for cold dishes such as montaditos (slices of baguette topped with things like Manchego cheese, jamón serrano cured ham or olive tapenade) or good old gazpacho (that delicious cold tomato soup).

Pintxo Spanish Taperia, New Farm, Brisbane

Hot dishes include chorizo sausage, classic empanadas (fried pastry parcels of beef and lamb or spinach and béchamel) or one of the biggest crowd pleasers, aceitunas fritas, which are seriously addictive deep-fried olives stuffed with whole almonds. Wash it all down with a glass of sangria – the perfect way to round out your fantastic pintxo parade. Topa!

561 Brunswick St, New Farm
(07) 3333 2231
Open Tues–Fri 11.30am–3pm lunch

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