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Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes, Prahran Market, MelbourneNot all nice guys finish last

Like my Nanna used to say, not all cakes are created equal. How do you compare a hand-crafted wedding cake with a packet mix, or a time-honoured family recipe with a cake wreck? They’re different species! Same goes for cupcakes.

Ask any cupcake connoisseur: it’s not an even playing field out there. Even less so, in fact, since Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes came on the scene. Completely vegan, proudly organic and fair trade (plus gluten-free on request), these babies will spoil you for all others. And not just because they’re PC and cruelty-free, either. Hell, no. Mr Nice Guy does substance with s-t-y-l-e

Technicoloured mini-masterpieces, these incredible cupcakes look like something Willy Wonka might’ve dreamed up. With their artfully sculpted, rainbow-hued icing, pert petiteness and playful comic-book names like Rosie Robot and Zombie Brains, Mr Nice Guy’s inspired creations are almost too cute to eat. Except, of course, that they’re too damn delicious to resist.

Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes, Prahran Market, Melbourne

Delicious and vegan? Some might say that was impossible. But Mr Nice Guy’s husband-and-wife team Lucas and Deb beg to differ.

Proving there’s life after butter, their cupcakes are sinfully rich and moist. Vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon and ‘booze infusions’ feature heavily, while the chocolate-based range tastes unnervingly like the real thing. From the limetastic Key West to the choc-orange bliss-bomb known as The Thing, Mr Nice Guy puts the va-va-voom into veganism.

Whether you buy direct from their cheery Prahran Markets stall or from one of their countless stockists, one thing’s for sure: life tastes a whole lot sweeter with a Nice Guy in it.

Samantha Wilson

Stall 118A, Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

0405 001 442
Open Tues & Thurs–Sat 9am–5pm, Sun 10am–3pm

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