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iSpex Funky Spex Melbourne EyewearEasy on the eye

Spectacles were never supposed to be one size, one shape fits all. And as they can be something of a permanent fixture on your face, it’s essential to get them just right. iSpex Funky Spex is a shop with an almost pathological desire to find the perfect set of glasses for every face.

Even the shop itself betrays a fascination with all things optical, decorated with antique equipment including delicate tools, old frames and an early eye chart with surprisingly obscure illustrations – reason enough for even the 20/20s to have an eye check.

In terms of the glasses, the range is truly fascinating. You’ll find specs that suit softer or more pronounced features, smaller or longer faces, rounder or more angular bone structures. Styles range from the hornrimmed sophistication of a mid-century architect, to the flamboyance of Dame Edna, and everything in between.

As well as stocking a mixture of high-end imports (mostly from Europe), iSpex has its own Australian-made range.

iSpex Funky Spex Melbourne Eyewear

Some of the edgier designs have been in a constant state of evolution during the store’s 20-year existence, taking inspiration from fashion icons and Melbourne’s streets. But you still have the freedom to create your own colour combination from a swatch laden with dozens of colours, ranging from lurid magenta to stoic urban greys.

With the help of the laidback staff, you may just walk away with a look you never thought you could pull off – and a perfectly fitting pair of specs to boot.

3 Johnston St, Collingwood
(03) 9416 1043
Open Tues–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat 10am–3pm

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow – thanks for the great write-up guys!! What a lovely surprise – and lots of your readers are popping in to see what we’re about. Love the book. Thankyou.