Glen’s Espresso | Ann St, Brisbane

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Glen's Espresso, Ann St, Brisbane

A little laughter with your latte

Let’s cut through the froth. Former ‘professional student’ Glen Morris finally found his feet in the form of a humble coffee stand in leafy Ann Street outside the Sarina Russo building. This born-again barista decided at age 27 to earn a ‘grown-up wage’ and has been serving the throngs that queue for Glen’s Espresso ever since.

Here’s a tip: spruce up your hair and practice a perky smile if you’re planning a visit. Glen offers $1 cuppas to first-timers or if he thinks you’re ‘really cute’, according to a cheeky sign. And it’s not just the sign that is irreverent. Customers write their order on a plain cup, then hand it over to Glen and place their money in an honesty jar. While waiting, customers can perch on an old church pew and read his favourite comic books, among them Tintin, The Far Side and Peanuts.

Glen's Espresso, Ann St, Brisbane

Glen uses his own special blend of Fair Trade organic coffee, which includes beans from East Timor to give it a twist at the end. The result is more than 200 sales a day of his reasonably priced brew, which costs $3 for a small and $3.50 for a medium cup.

For those who prefer to drink their coffee ‘in’, there are eye‑catching non-takeaway mugs that have been sourced from a vintage store and painted bright orange – the same colour as Glen’s four-boiler coffee machine.

Glen's Espresso, Ann St, Brisbane

Dancer Paul Mercurio has frequented the joint and at busy times you’ll meet Glen’s employee Sergio, who is a professional clown. If Sergio can’t get you to crack a smile, then let me tell you that regulars are rewarded with a free cuppa, or a Lucky Bastard loyalty card. Now there’s something to really smile about.

82 Ann St, Brisbane
0404 384 405
Open Mon–Fri 6.30am–3.30pm

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