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When a visiting French musician says, ‘I wish we had a place like this in Paris’ about a Sydney store, you know you’re on to a really good thing. Hidden in a sleepy part of Crown Street, Surry Hills, between a laundrette and a hairdresser, Title is one of Sydney’s very few underground ‘destination’ shops.

Title’s window display makes it almost impossible for anyone interested in 20th-century film, art or music, or just fascinated by ‘the path less travelled’, to resist walking inside. Godard and Antonioni DVD collections sit next to books on contemporary African architecture and selections of the best old-school funk CDs.

If you want an education or a recommendation, talk to Jonathan or James, both of whom are walking, talking music and film encyclopaedias. Try testing them with your curliest request about that late 1980s German band, or the last album by that odd Russian duo and then try to keep your jaw in place as they come up with answers! But don’t be surprised to discover that 3 hrs have passed since you walked into Title, after what you thought were just a short 15 min.

You might walk out with an early Queen Latifa vinyl, a Tarkovsky film, a subversive T-shirt or far more insight into the origins of Mariachi music than you ever thought possible. But, whatever’s the case, you will have just found one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Sydney, with or without a French date.

It’s no wonder that Title now has stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide as well.

499 Crown St, Surry Hills
(02) 9699 5222
Open Mon–Wed 10am–6pm, Thurs 10am–8pm, Fri–Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 12–5pm

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