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Rumpus Room, West End, BrisbaneWhere the people play

It’s weird to think that only a few years ago West End had just two kinds of drinking establishments.

The first were swank cocktail lounges with beverage lists so intimidating and expensive, you’d have to sell a limb on the black market just for an evening of drinks. The other kind was what you’d call ‘drinking holes’: literally hole-like pubs where a few surly individuals might be ready to remove your limbs by force if you looked at them the wrong way.

Nowadays though, the Rumpus Room – with its cushiony, plump seating inside and friendly courtyard facing the open street – is one place where locals of all stripes can gather for drinks, away from the strange alcohol apartheid of the past.

Rumpus Room, West End, Brisbane

Some afternoons it’s not uncommon to see girls on roller skates drinking with bricklayers after work. Other days, university academics will sit in the quiet courtyard, reading over papers with chilled wine in hand, while dreadlocked skaters crack jokes over a round of beers on stools nearby. In the evenings it’s all about dancing to the beats and grooves of the resident DJs, who never fail to bring a house-party vibe to the table.

The Rumpus Room is so casual and inviting, it’s common to see staff members lazing around in thongs.

That easy atmosphere extends to their furniture too, with gnome-like stools that only reach the knee and Jabba-the- Hutt-sized beanbags so large, they fit seven people comfortably. So if you’re the type of person who likes variety in your company, the melting pot of the Rumpus Room will be your sort of bar.

56 Russell St, West End
(07) 3846 1323
Open Mon–Sun 12pm–2am

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