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Hausfrau Bakery & Cakes, Yarraville, MelbourneA goddess in the kitchen

On your first visit to Hausfrau, a traditional European bakery, its many sweet pleasures are such that you may well think you’ve stumbled across the gingerbread cottage in Hansel and Gretel – minus the cannibalistic witch. Instead of the witch, imagine the cottage is inhabited by a lovely housewife who really knows how to bake up a storm.

When you step inside, you’ll get an idea of how seriously they take their baking here by the huge industrial-sized kitchen, open for all to see; the gigantic kitchen utensils decorating the charming dining area are another dead giveaway.

And serious baking makes for some serious sweeties: classic Austro-Hungarian apple strudels, strawberry, orange and pistachio tarts, black forest cake, rhubarb and black plum linzer tortes, and sacher tortes. It all adds up to a splendid place to get your fingers sticky over a latte or two.

Hausfrau Bakery & Cakes, Yarraville, Melbourne

If you’ve had a slice and it just ain’t enough (and let’s face it: at a place like this, you can never get enough), there are well-priced full-sized cakes to take away as well.

Hausfrau is a good spot to park yourself for lunch too, with savoury treats such as little pizzas, frittatas, sweet-corn hotcakes, savoury tarts, homemade sausage rolls and pies, and filled baguettes. Absolutely everything, apart from the loaves of bread sold here, is baked in that whopping big kitchen.

Throw in staff dressed in super-cute matching headscarves and aprons and you’ll soon realise that this is no ordinary bakery. It’s the sort of place you’ll be leaving a trail of breadcrumbs from to make sure you remember your way back there next week.

A second bakery has now opened in Albert Park, so those east of the bay can get their fix.

32A Ballarat St, Yarraville
(03) 9687 8364
Open Tues–Sun 9am–5pm

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123 Bridport St, Albert Park

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