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Dirty Pretty Things, Paddington, Sydney


Even in the bright and bustling intersection that is Paddington’s Five Ways, you can’t miss the Dirty Pretty Things (DPT) store – there’s always a scantily clad mannequin on display in the huge black window. She may be cast as a pin-up Dorothy in a red-checked frilly ensemble; or as a starlet in silky, pink boudoir attire; or as a saucy madam with a sexy, black lace corset and a feathered mask.

Inside, the store is painted in dramatic blacks and reds, and decked out in luxurious velvet curtains, mirrors, a zebra-print rug and cushioned furnishings. The racks are lined with bras, knickers, corsets and girdles dolled up with bows, lace ribbons, sequins and animal prints. On the cabinet shelves are slippers, teddies, riding crops and garters. These exquisite pieces are sourced from all over the world and among the best upcoming Australian talent.

Dirty Pretty Things, Paddington, Sydney

Pilgrims to DPT get their real kicks in the upstairs viewing room. It’s fitted out like a Parisian boudoir with chandeliers and opulent gold dressing rooms, and personal fittings begin with a glass of bubbly on the chaise lounge. If you’re a man looking to spoil his leading lady, don’t be shy. The DPT team will help you find that perfect something to make your Mrs – or even your mistress – gasp and swoon at your impeccable taste.

More than just a store, DPT is often transformed at night into an art gallery or a salon. The black curtains are drawn, absinthe cocktails are poured and ladies pay homage to burlesque by learning a strip tease, how to pin and curl their hair, play the ukulele or twirl a hula hoop. Imagine yourself as a Vargas girl in a 1940s poster – now you’re getting the dirty, pretty picture.

225 Glenmore Rd, Paddington
(02) 9331 2066
Open Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 10am–6pm, Thurs 10am–7pm, Sat 10am–5pm

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