Weekend events (markets, movies and mayhem, oh my)

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Weekend events, 9 March

There’s a great moment in ‘500 Days of Summer’ when, after Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character sleeps with the girl he has been intensely crushing on, random strangers start dancing and singing with him to celebrate. We just brought that up to say that we’re still waiting in hope for the day that strangers to come and dance with us in the street to celebrate the discovery of a new shop, or a really kick-ass coffee …

But we can live the dream this weekend at a screening of the Cary Grant classic ‘Indiscreet’ in Sydney, where a live orchestra will be playing along with the movie. Sure, it’s not exactly the same thing, but you can’t be too picky. Well, actually … this weekend you can, because there are plenty of awesome events on that will keep you entertained – and we’ve selected the best of them. You’re welcome.

Sydneysiders, you lucky things. The rain is going to clear up just in time for the weekend! If you’re feeling optimistic about the weather, head outside for the Taste Festival. Then if it rains, at least you’ll be full of good food. Or join in the street party at the Spot Festival – at least if you get wet you won’t be alone! But for those of us who don’t want to risk another soaking, the classic Cary Grant film ‘Indiscreet’ is showing with orchestra accompaniment at the Hayden Orpheum. We tried to find a screening of ‘Singing in the Rain’, but no such luck, kids.

After being mocked for having terrible weather for years, Melburnians can finally clamber aboard their high horse. Celebrate outside at the Bikefest Picnic! Coffee hounds heading to St Ali this weekend are in luck – you can now buy posters, felt buttons, typewriters and more at SuperCool, which is calling St Ali Next Door home for the weekend. If you feel like sitting down and being entertained, the Ukulele Festival is twanging in to town at Carlton Town Hall or ‘Being Elmo’, a film so cute it should be censored, is showing at the Speakeasy cinema in Richmond.

Brisbane … It’s your last chance to see Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Look Now, See Forever’ at GoMA this weekend. This installation combines tiny lights and reflective surfaces in an intriguing combo. After treating your senses, why not treat your ears? St Vincent is bringing the sounds from her new album to the Hi-Fi Bar. Or if you enjoy quietly terrifying movies that end up scaring your pants off, the Swedish vampire film ‘Let the Right One In’ will be just your pint of blood, and is showing at the GoMA Cinematheque. Warning: this film will finish after dark …

But until the weekend kicks off, here are some links to keep you entertained!

Ryan Gosling’s reign of terror must be stopped!

The Muppets take on ‘The Hunger Games’.

We’re just going to hide out here for the weekend.

Don’t underestimate how cute these goats are.

Hello, vertical forests. We think we’ll keep you.

Movies that are so bad they’re good.

Say hello to Iceland!

Doctor Who and Sherlock go head-to-head.

The story of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.

Enjoy your weekends!


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