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Flight Skool Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga, West End, BrisbaneHang in there

In our youth-worshipping Western culture, gravity is the enemy. We spend huge amounts of time, money and emotional angst waging war against its creeping effects. But what if you could drop the battle mentality and actually work in partnership with the laws of physics to feel better, look younger and be healthier?

That’s pretty much the premise behind aerial or anti-gravity yoga, a modern spin on the ancient discipline that gave us Downward-Facing Dog and Salute to the Sun.

At Flight Skool you won’t need your yoga mat because all of the poses are performed using shroud-like swings suspended from the ceiling. The 3m-long silken hammocks look ethereal and delicate (and actually a little bit creepy, like a swarm of giant moths have just fluttered from their cocoons), but they’re actually rated to safely support up to 400kg – and last time I checked the bathroom scales I was well under that.

Learn to trust the swing and you’re on your way to performing both traditional yoga moves and some more out-there poses, including the Vampire – a pretty convincing impression of a fruit bat.

Flight Skool Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga, West End, Brisbane

And here’s the irony – the health benefits of aerial yoga are all thanks to our old nemesis, gravity. Exercising upside-down (or zero compression inversion for those who prefer the technical jargon) decompresses the spine, relieves muscle tension, strengthens the core and gives the old circulatory and lymphatic systems a boost. Plus, it’s fun and strangely freeing – a mix of dance, twister, acrobatics and meditation all at once.

I may never look at a hammock the same way again.

Carole Horne

10 Bailey St, West End
0422 396 686
Classes 7 days a week

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