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Wash, rinse, dry, drink

Despite what the sign out the front says, turning up to this joint clutching an overflowing laundry hamper and asking for a fluff and fold would be socially awkward. After a decades-long incarnation as the Darlinghurst Laundromat, the tattered magazines and gentle whirring noises are gone, so anyone in need of sweet-smelling clothes will be directed elsewhere. But before they get a chance to leave, they’ll probably be offered a drink.

Packed tight with Darlinghurst hipsters, groups catching up after work and couples embarking on first dates, Darlie Laundromatic is yet another sign that the neighbourhood’s recent affinity with small bars remains on course. This one pulls double duty as a cafe by day, but come cocktail hour, it’s all about clinking glasses.

The tiny bar area, which, unsurprisingly, is more like a counter at a Laundromat, has icy Tsingtao tinnies, a hip wine list and delicious handmade cordial. Cordial? You heard right. It’s like going over to your nan’s on a summer afternoon after playing on the Slip ‘n’ Slide all day. The cordial comes spiked with vodka – or soda if you actually are on your way to nan’s.

Darlie’s food is also an ode to the old-school, and includes mini hot dogs stacked with dandy pickles. The plowman’s platter, although woefully misspelled, is also daggily good. The decor includes slick designer furniture, leftover Laundromat paraphernalia and homely artefacts that look like they were swiped right out from under nan’s nose.

Nicholas Gordon

304 Palmer St, Darlinghurst
(02) 8095 0129
Open Tues–Thurs 4–11pm, Fri–Sun 10am–11pm

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