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If the word ‘polo’ invokes images of blue bloods poncing about on pretty ponies, then get yourself to South Brisbane for a dose of the down-and-dirty, street-wise version of this sport.  Forget manicured fields of green – Brisbane’s competitive bike polo teams thrash it out on an abandoned, graffiti-branded basketball court behind the old pool at Musgrave Park. And instead of riding sleek steeds, each about the price of an Italian sports car, these young polo-ists perform slick manoeuvres on board-battered bicycles, wielding homemade mallets cobbled together from ski poles and PVC piping.

Yes, their talent for recycling is laudable, but it’s their cycling talent that really impresses. The game moves at a breathless clip, except when two players screech to a standstill, teetering on those ribbon-width tyres as they lock mallets over the coveted ball. No surprise that many of the team members hold down day jobs as bike couriers – all that dodging and weaving through city traffic has honed their cycle skills. It’s also no shock that bike polo is becoming as big a spectator sport as a participatory one in Brisbane (it’s free to both watch and play).

Join the vocal crowds courtside on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll catch the Brisbane teams, including the cheekily named Majestic Pink Shafts, in full flight until the dying light of day. And it seems our local lads and lasses are doing us proud. At this year’s National Hard Court Competition in Adelaide, members of Brissy’s bike polo scene snavelled the awards for most valuable competitors, best new player and favourite team.

Carole Horne

Musgrave Park, off Cordelia St, South Brisbane
Matches Sun 2pm–dusk

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