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Wylie's Baths, Coogee, SydneySummer in the ’70s

If sand is the bane of your summer existence, if you can’t bear the search for your towel as you emerge from the water, are sick of surf-assisted sinus clean-outs, or can’t wait to get sand from unmentionable places, do we have a solution for you!

It will cost you though. Four bucks fifty to be exact.

For such small change, you can buy yourself a little piece of paradise at Wylie’s Baths, an ocean-tidal pool. Here you’ll have access to comfy wooden deckchairs, clean, pleasant change rooms, plenty of shade and fewer people than nearby Coogee Beach. If you’re feeling flush, throw a hot shower into the deal for an extra 20¢.

A historical part of Sydney’s coastal landscape, the baths are reminiscent of an Australian childhood in the 1970s. They’re unpretentious and carefree, and the kiosk is good but not fancy, with freshly made sandwiches, Paddle Pops and your basic pies and soft drinks. The entrance to the baths is often unattended, so you can just leave your entry fee in the dish, take change if you need to, and go on in (also very ’70s).

Wylie's Baths, Coogee, Sydney

People come to join a yoga class, or swim in the tidal pool, or sunbake, or hang out in the shade reading the paper, or share a picnic with friends. You can also get a massage on a deck by the sea, hearing the waves crash below you.

While the rest of Coogee can feel like a seething mass of humanity, somehow even on the busiest days Wylie’s is a little bubble of peace, and one of the best tidal baths (and days out) that Sydney has to offer.

Joanne Ross

Neptune St, Coogee
(02) 9665 2838
Open Mon–Sun 7am–7pm during daylight savings, 7am–5pm other times

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