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This week we did something crazy. No, we didn’t drive to Canberra to give Barack Obama a hug, or file a paternity suit against Justin Bieber. We wore shorts and that can only mean one thing. Summer is almost upon us.

And what is it about summer that makes us want to hug the world? Perhaps the long, warm days lying around on the beach, sand between our toes, listening to the sound of wave after wave rolling in. Or maybe it’s lazing on the astroturf of the Rooftop Cinema in Melbourne, enjoying a Pimms and some Miss Chu rolls while watching a classic film. Whatever your type of summer, it’s time to get in the mood for some summer lovin’, Olivia Newton-John style.

Summer’s almost arrival also means that the festival season is well on its way. But here are a few ideas to while away the weeks until summer’s official arrival.

Queenslanders, take advantage of this warm weather and head down to Glen’s Espresso for a cup of joe (or Glen, as the case may be) and a sneak peek at his favourite comics. The talented Sound of Seasons are performing in Sydney this weekend, so take some time out to listen to this talented crew. Or, for those of you chilling in Melbourne, get your santa hat on for some old-school carolling at this year’s Myer Christmas Spectacular, or rock up to the seventh annual Polish Festival at Fed Square, and take pleasure in the elusive pierogis and not-so-elusive beer.

But alas, looking at the weather, it seems as though only Brisbane will be having a balmy weekend … so here are some links to keep your spirits up!

  • There’s nothing we love more than a good underground lair – and if that lair’s a bookshop, well. Now we’re talking ecstatic love!
  • It’s ‘Inception’ as a chair (Leo DiCaprio not included).
  • Seeing as it’s practically the new year, we think we should learn a new skill. We’re leaning towards sewing so we can make these festive Christmas decorations.
  • Sleeping or eating? These pandas can’t decide what’s better and neither can we (but we think eating).
  • Do you think the dystopia we live in (we do live in a dystopia right?), is more like ’1984′ or ‘A Brave New World’? This ace infographic breaks it down.

Enjoy your summery weekend.

Image: Treehouse is by clownpatternwarrior and is used with permission under CC BY-SA 2.0


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