I Died and Went to Vintage

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Fashion’s fountain of youth

At age four, Jess Williams was changing her outfit more times in a day than a supermodel at Paris Fashion Week. By her teens, on holidays with the family, she was ditching her mum, dad and little bro at the beach to trawl local op shops for that one-in-a-bazillion fashion find. Safe to say that 25-year-old Jess – a doe-eyed dark-haired beauty who went on to actually be a model (surprise, surprise) – is a born vintage fashion tragic.

Her perpetual mission to track down that perfect statement piece from the past took Jess to distant shores a few years ago. In Japan, the USA and Europe, she discovered they do quality vintage fashion waaaay better than we do. (Who would have thunk it: Tokyo has a six-storey-high vintage fashion superstore that took Jess two delirious weeks to wade through.)

Fired up by her finds in foreign lands, Jess returned to home-town Brisbane to open I Died and Went to Vintage, her own online store of quality vintage clothing and accessories, circa ’60s through to the ’80s, personally hand-picked from around the world. Jess weeds out the musty frocks and mass-produced dross to present, for your fashion consideration, fabulous little gems that she’s refreshed (an altered hemline here, sexy new buttons there) to create one-of-a-kind, nobody-else-is-wearing outfits that marry modern style with latter-day label quality.

If you’ve never dipped a toe into vintage fashion before and, like me, are terrified of looking like granny on a bad bingo day, Jess offers a personalised styling service, by appointment. Pop by her New Farm home, enjoy a cuppa and browse the racks with Jess at your side and she will happily point you in the right retro direction. I walked away with an adorably perky navy-and-white floral-print dress cinched at the waist with a vintage leather belt, and – joy of joys – both items cost under $50 a piece. My thrifty granny would be proud.

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