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Weekly round-up — By on 28/10/2011 1:10 pm

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Imagine you were walking down the street and ran into Mahatma Ghandi and he said, ‘Hello, I am pining for a cup of coffee. Can you recommend a place?’ For Melburnians, the answer could only be Monk Bodhi Dharma, where the coffee is ethical and sustainable, and vegetarian food rules.

Or what would happen if you were sitting in the library and Jane Austen snuck up behind you? She might say, ‘Shall we have some tea and a chat?’ (She probably wants to discuss her latest book idea.) You head towards the Tea Parlour in Sydney, ’cause you know she’d enjoy her tea with a twist.

We could play ‘hypothetical cafe visits with famous people’ all day, but alas, there’s that pesky thing called work. And if we think about it, we’d rather play ‘it’s the weekend in a couple of hours, let’s get excited!’ With the Melbourne Cup and Halloween almost upon us, we know everyone is going to be very busy getting dressed up, only to end the day in a shambles. But here’s some links to keep you entertained until the clock strikes five.

Ah, Amazon. We didn’t realise your customer reviews could be the source of such amusement!

This letter on the McSweeney’s website kind of shatters our illusions about the ‘Sound of Music’.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on how jaw-droppingly amazing our planet is.

Ever wondered how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would look if portrayed by the likes of Picasso or Monet? Well, here’s your chance.

It’s almost Halloween, but instead of dressing up and taking candy from strangers, may we recommend that you enjoy a spooky story instead?

If that’s not scary enough, please enjoy this diagram of movie monsters.

A zombie obstacle course? We’d like to see this in Australia by Halloween next year.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ cut down to two lines. We can’t decide whether this is humorous or sacrilegious. We think … mildly amusing?

And finally, a Doctor Who and Dr Seuss mash-up!

Have a spooky, race-y weekend.


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