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Weekly round-up — By on 21/10/2011 1:03 pm

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When you officially become an ‘adult’, there’s this weird pressure to give up a lot of fun things like trampolines, nap time and birthday cake from the ‘Australian Women’s Weekly’ cake book. That’s why we were so excited to see this new ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’–themed climbing wall. It’s legitimate child-like fun for adults! Sure, it’s in Japan, but we think it might start a craze. Can’t you just see a Willy Wonka climbing wall made of different lollies, a ‘Star Wars’ wall with lightsabers and Stormtrooper helmets, and a ‘Knocked Up’ wall made of beer bottles and pregnant bellies (hmmm, maybe that’s taking things a bit too far)?

This weekend we say stick it to the (adult) man and let your inner child run free. After all, there are some kid things that ‘adults’ just do better (think dressing up for Halloween or taking advantage of the adventure playground at Newington Armory in Sydney). So, whether you’d prefer to sip a short black in a hole-in-the-wall cafe while wearing a beret and discussing the way footy interacts with Foucault’s theory of blah, or play Dance Dance Revolution before slurping down some ramen noodles, here are some links to get your weekend off to a winning start.

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, you can’t go past a sexy inflammatory email.

We squealed like little kids when we saw Mario & Luigi racing around the streets of Japan.

We wish we’d known that a zombie outbreak would fail before we watched ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for survival tips.

Australia is pretty English-centric, which is why we were intrigued to see this video about what English sounds like to people who don’t speak it.

Ahhh, iPhone 4S. You’ve only been out a few weeks and already Siri is funnier than ‘SNL’.

As big Tintin fans, we’re happy to admit our love for this cutesy trailer.

These letters of note made us laugh, they made us cry …

Pinatas say one thing to us: party time!

Please share our excitement that it’s Friday.

Enjoy your weekends!


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