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The flagship Don Don on Swanston Street in Melbourne is indeed an institution, but one serious shortcoming is that you can’t linger over your food for lack of space. But the success of Don Don means the fourth in the franchise,

Don Tojo in Carlton, provides the space that the others cannot. Located in a former warehouse, now bedecked with murals, Don Tojo’s proximity to the universities and student housing means it is in large part a student hangout, but it is not some grungy student dive.

The menu is short, with just ten choices, ranging from rice (don) to noodle soups (udon). The bento boxes are generously served and come with palate-cleansing fruit accompaniments. The service is as fast as at the Don Don you know and love, and at just $4 a pop the city’s cheapest Asahis will have you lingering for more.

164 Cardigan Street, Carlton

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