The Tea Parlour | Redfern, Sydney

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The Tea Parlour, Redfern, SydneyGarage-sale chic meets high-tea boutique

Whether you choose to celebrate high tea with your pinky haughtily extended or firmly wrapped around a glass of bubbly, The Tea Parlour has it in the bag – the teabag to be precise.

Mismatched and garage-sale chic, this place makes high tea accessible for those with even the tightest purse strings. While the bottle shop next door is convenient for BYO, you come here to experience the vast array of tea, including both the traditional (Devonshire) and the more adventurous (Wuyi Rock Oolong).

Tea Parlour, Redfern, Sydney

Meanwhile, the food menu delivers for every sweet tooth and experienced high-tea palette: fluffy scones, de-crusted cucumber sandwiches and Danishes look picture perfect on owner Amelia’s divinely clashing op-shop china.

It’s the perfect venue for a girly gossip, book club, hen’s night or just kicking back to read a good book – provided you can concentrate with the mounted stag staring down on you and the loitering stuffed peacock poised in a mating salute.

Sarah Algar

569 Elizabeth St, Redfern
0414 335 224
Open Thurs–Sun 12pm–8pm

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  1. Michaela says:

    I wish I had a nice experience of this place. I have been wanting to go to this place for close to a year now and was super excited to go for my 30th birthday. I didn’t worry about not getting a response to my online enquiry, I just texted instead. We agreed on a booking and I gave a number of people saying I’d confirm the exact number in a week. I admit I left it very late to confirm the number but when I did the proprietor could not recall my booking and offered a time two hours later. I accepted the time but expressed that I was frustrated as I had the text reflecting the original booking. To that I was told “don’t come at all”.
    I can understand being busy but how do you run a business if you can’t manage bookings? I had no intention of being rude and I don’t think I was out of line to simply state that I felt frustrated – I felt genuinely hurt by the response I received.

  2. Hide & Seek team says:

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! At least Sydney has quite a few other high tea options you can pick from.